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Let’s study technology stream for A / L to win life.

Creating an education system that develops the skills of the children will help to empower the economy of the country and fulfill the aspirations of creating a world human resource. For that, the exam-centric education system that is in place should change. Accordingly, the new curriculum of Technology for Advanced Level has already commenced in 244 schools covering all the schools in the country.

1. Science should be a major subject for technology.

2. Engineering Technology or Bio Systems Technology is one of the main subjects.

3. The third subject includes 10 subjects, one of which should be selected. The subjects are given below.

Economics, Geography, Home Economics, English, Communication and Media Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Art, Agriculture, Accounting, Business Studies.

How are the benefits of studying this stream?

These students will have about 40 courses in the Universities and will be able to enroll in the Universities of the University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC). The German Tech Courses will be established through the establishment of 25 Technical Colleges under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Vocational Training. Students who follow this stream of technology will also receive an NVQ 3 pass upon leaving the school, which will enable them to move on to the NVQ degree programme. German Tech certification has huge job demand and the technology sector is creating self-employment opportunities. Admission of students following this curriculum will also be given priority when enrolling students for higher education courses. Although this technology stream was introduced for the GCE A / L examination this year, the student who followed this stream will be born in 2020. However, the necessity of opening this curriculum in schools is a great relief to our children who are joining the job market.

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